Public Speaking

Since 2004 I have given approximately 100 speeches across New Zealand and Australia - both paid and unpaid.

Generally I am asked to speak about my success with Orcon Internet (a company I founded and sold for $25Mil), my general life philosophies, or matters related to the environment and the carbon economy.

I have spoken at Schools, Business Events, Charity functions, Entrepreneurship events and many others.

My speaking fee is generally around NZ$500-$5,000 depending on the nature of the event, the number of people attending, level of preparation required, whether it is for 'a good cause', and whether the delegates themselves are being charged to attend the event.

If you are interested in hiring me for a public speaking event, please contact me

Below is my calender of recent and upcoming public speaking engagements. For archived events click here

If no events are showing on my calender, it is because the calender only shows a month of events at a time, and I may not have any speaking engagements that month. Try clicking the link 'see older events',  or 'see more recent events' to expand the date range.

Seeby's Public Speaking Engagements

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